What if Jesus was born in India?

What if Jesus was born in India instead of Israel? In my opinion he would be doing some hard labour job along with his non-formal studies of the religion he was born in. He would surely be a “dalit” belonging to one of the schedule casts of India. Very soon, he would have shocked all the Indians by his extraordinary teaching and miracles. And, surely things would have taken an extraordinary turn when he would raise one of his good friend from the dead. He would be having multiple enemies including political powers working against him. Certain group of people would have been extremely busy to get rid of this dalit guru who was healing the sick, giving sight to the blind men. It would become critical when people from high caste will join this powerful movement spearhead by this labour class man who is in his early thirties. Threatened by his popularity and unprecedented following, a group of powerful and religious high caste individuals would have planned and conspire to kill this man known to people as Christ Jesus. In my opinion, this man would have been burnt alive by the mob instigated by this particular group of high cast individuals. But, soon something drastic and supernatural would thrill the people and the whole world. The man would come back to life from the ashes. Whole India soon would be a nation who will start following the teachings of Christ Jesus. A nation without caste and prejudice. However, it was God in his infinite wisdom decided that Jesus must be born in Israel from the line of King David according to the holy Jewish Scriptures written thousands of years before the birth of Jesus. Therefore, Christ was born in Bethlehem to a young couple Mary and Joseph in the most humble circumstances.

Merry Christmas dear friends! Let us celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Christ Jesus.

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