A little more about us

Shepherd India has been serving Media for last 14 years. Here are few of our works in the field of Media in India.

  • Produced first original Tamil Composition  competition. The first prize was Rs. 50,000.00 cash, 2nd Prize Rs. 25,000.00 and 3rd prize Rs. 10,000.00. That lead us to produce our Audio Album “Rising Star” with a record selling of 5000 copies in one week at OM Book Fair in year September 2006.
  • Released Tamil Christmas Album and sold 3000 copies in one season
  • Produced Telefilm VEDHA in 2007. This telefilm ultimately became one of the first celebrated film in Christian Media in India. VEDHA opened the gateway for many small time Actors/ Directors/Producers  to take chance in producing quality family projects. Film Vedha originally made in Tamil was dubbed into Hindi. Telugu and Malayalam. Till date, 25000 copies of  “VEDHA” is sold. Film VEDHA is winner of best the Director’s award in Gideon Film Festival and Nominated for the best movie out of more than 200 movies in South Africa’s prestigious Film Festival “Transforming Stories Film Festival”.
  • In 2009, dubbed and released documentary, “More Than Dreams”
  • In the year 2010, “Anbirkku Allavillai” in Tamil or “No Limit For Love” English version and “Bani Hai Tu Mere Liya” Hindi Version went on floor. The movie was released in Cinema and still has solid demand. The total budget of the movie was Rs. 75 Lakhs (USD 190,000). This movie went on to win “The Best Foreign Film” in CFF in USA. It also received nomination in various Film Festivals.
  • Re-Edited and Reproduced well known Old Testament Series “Ancient Journey”. After re-designing it and converting it into Indian style, it was released on “Blessing TV”. To everybody’s surprise it hit 38 TRAI rating during its airing in 2011-2012. It clearly blessed “Blessing TV” and increased its viewership due to word of mouth.
  • Most significant work of 2012 is my directional debut in much awaited Tibetan short film “DOLMA”. It is a story of a young girl who sets out in the pursuit of  finding address of God so that she may able to send letter to God. All the actors in the short film are Tibetan and the film was shot in Tibten refugee camp.
  • Since 2013, once in a year we conduct filmmaking workshop in different part of India. In 2013, workshop was held in Chennai. In 2014, workshop was held in Chandigarh, in 2015, the workshop was held in Dehradun.
  • Yehi Wo Pyaar Hai”, a Hindi feature film based on book of Hosea was started in 2014 and is still under production.
  • Shepherd India’s most controversial work is  23 minutes short film “Kamlaa”. “Kamlaa” was inspired by the real incidents and it exposed the evil of rape and abortion that has infested our Indian society. It was rejected by Christians as it had mature content in it. However,  Kamlaa became one of the critically acclaimed short film of my career.
  • Second feature film of 2015 is bilingual feature film “The Prodigal”. I am hoping to finish it at the end of 2015.

Other significant works in the field of Media.

  • TV and Cinema Commercial of Murggins Porridge.
  • TV and Cinema Commercial of in
  • TV commercial for Blackberry Bush.
  • Children video series based on educational experiment on pre-schoolers by Rich Melhime.

Projects Finished in 2017-2018

  • Fragrance of a red rose – Tele Drama
  • Chidiya ki udaan – Tele Drama
  • Samay kid hara – Tele Drama
  • Manam- Short Film

Current Project under production 2018-2019

  • Television Serial – Riya with Star Vijya TV